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    In early 2010, Classic co-founders Michael and Spencer Witte set out for the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues with a big claim: they had a system that could project for pitcher injury risk.


    Their experience? They had some, but not a lot. Mike developed a preliminary methodology that proved successful for the St. Louis Cardinals over the previous five years. Spencer played Division I ball but became interested in international affairs and left the sport entirely to live abroad and get a grad degree from Oxford.


    And their data? They didn't really have any.


    In that first year, two teams overlooked the unlikely resumes and the absence of numbers and took a chance on a very intriguing idea.


    Flash forward to the present. Classic's system is fully backed by data on thousands of pitchers. We've worked with at least two teams in every division and have client relationships that span over a decade.


    Division and World Series champions have relied on Classic. Through hard work, professionalism and attention to detail, we've discretely become a secret pitching acquisition and development edge for 66% of teams in the game.


    9 Reasons Teams Go with Classic

    • Teams have chosen to work with us because they understand that performance outcomes for young pitchers are crucially linked to continued health
    • They want to work with a group that already has strong, documented success at the Major League level with small, mid and large market teams
    • They want impactful solutions that are simple to understand, easy to implement and reliably effective
    • They want insights that are a blend of new analytics and traditional scouting
    • They do a good job limiting pitcher injury but are driven and want to do even better
    • They want coaching to encourage (and not inadvertently discourage) better health outcomes
    • They want diplomatic but assertive communication of new, data-backed ideas
    • They were frustrated that past investments of time, energy and focus failed to yield a consistent pipeline of homegrown pitchers
    • They understand that a better ROI in amateur and international markets can mean major savings for the organization, playoff berths, championship banners on stadium walls and parades in their city

    Please Note


    As of 2023, Spencer Witte has accepted an opportunity to work exclusively in a more in-house arrangement with a Major League team.


    At this time, Classic is no longer accepting new clients.



  • Don't take our word for it. Here's what some very important people around the game have had to say about us:





    "The best baseball decision we've made in four years," -AL Baseball Ops Executive




    "We could not be happier with your work. Honestly, it's invaluable," -NL Scouting Executive




    "As you know, what you guys do is such an important part of our process" -AL Scouting Executive




    "Going with you was a total no-brainer for us this offseason." -AL Baseball Ops Analyst




    "Your stuff is all over our war room. It helps me sleep at night," -NL Scouting Executive





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    Mike Witte

    Co-Founder & President


    Mike Witte grew up in rural St. Louis county and has now done predictive pitcher injury risk analysis for more than 40% of teams in Major League Baseball. For five years before founding Classic, he was a risk manager for the St. Louis Cardinals and, in that time, the Cardinals produced more Major League players through the draft than any other team in baseball. Mike's a graduate of Princeton. His insights are the bedrock of Classic's foundation.

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    Spencer Witte

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Spencer Witte was a 2nd Team Baseball Factory All-American before lettering at Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. He has a Master’s degree from Oxford and has now done predictive pitcher injury risk analysis for more than 50% of teams in Major League Baseball. Spencer's responsible for the day-to-day communication with clients and regularly interfaces with executives, analysts, scouts and coaches.

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    Cheeks the Dog

    All-Around Enthusiast


    As the company dog, Cheeks does not have any responsibilities, formal or informal education or training. That doesn't stop him from thinking about pitcher health constantly. Really, he's obsessed.

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    Spencer Witte